Our Core Values

Our CORE VALUES guide everything we do and make us who we are as a team.



To become World's most trusted and the largest QA and Software Testing Company


Three Virtues

  • Humble
  • Hungry
  • Smart

Great Place to Work® 4 Times in a Row!


Why Join TestingXperts?


Growth & Opportunities

Stagnancy has no place in our organization. As you gain experience and time with us, you have ample performance-based opportunities to reach new heights in your career. As a part of working with the world’s 5th largest QA company, our employees experience a dynamic environment that encourages and rewards creative thinking.


Exposure To Next Gen Technologies

From Cloud to AI, our talented individuals at TestingXperts are at the forefront of utilizing the most advanced technologies. They harness these tools to drive innovation and develop groundbreaking solutions. We empower innovation by investing 5% of our annual revenue in development of new technologies, providing ample resources for research and development.


Rewards & Recognition

We firmly believe in recognizing diligent efforts. This is why we ensure that hard work and commitment are duly recognized, appreciated and rewarded. We have recognition awards like the 'SPOT Award' and 'Star Team Award' to recognize the exceptional efforts of individual employees as well as teams. Additionally, we reward employees who show exceptional character and alignment with our organizational core values.


Commitment To Diversity, Equity And Inclusion

We deeply value diversity, equity, and inclusion, as they are fundamental to our core values. At TestingXperts, we celebrate our people not based on how well they conform to our culture, but for the unique contributions they bring to it. 39% of our workforce are females, and this is a testament to our focus on developing an environment where our individuals are encouraged to embrace their authentic selves and unlock their true potential.


Giving back to Society

Through our robust Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, we actively contribute to making a positive impact on the communities we serve. We forge strategic partnerships with reputable nonprofits organizations aligned with our values and goals. By providing financial support and collaborating on meaningful projects, we aim to amplify our impact and tackle social challenges together.


Health and Wellbeing

For employees at TestingXperts, we have in-premise recreational facilities and organize regular health and wellness sessions. We also have a nutrition coach and a mental health coach on board with us who offer sessions to ensure our employees stay mentally fit and healthy. Besides, regular health and wellness challenges and events such as Step Challenge, Mental Health Awareness Workshops, etc. are organized for all the employees.

Employees Speak..

Life at TestingXperts

TestingXperts is a vibrant combination of collaboration, innovation, and personal growth, where our talented team thrives in a supportive and inclusive work culture. We organize a variety of engaging activities to create a lively and enjoyable work environment, like office parties, indoor games, team lunches, trips, company events, sports tournaments, and festival celebrations for our teams. Embark on a rewarding journey with us, where every day brings new challenges and opportunities for professional development. Know more!

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