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Agile and DevOps Testing Services

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, organizations must exhibit a high degree of adaptability to meet the evolving needs of their customers effectively. The various functions within an enterprise must collaborate seamlessly to drive these changes and deliver solutions to customers faster than their competitors. To tackle these challenges, businesses are embracing the ‘Agile’ and ‘DevOps’ software development methodologies.

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While Agile and DevOps are forward-thinking approaches, they require significant transformation within the enterprise. TestingXperts, with its well-established Agile and DevOps QA practices and extensive experience in test and lifecycle automation, aids enterprises in developing the necessary QA capabilities for successful Agile testing services and DevOps testing services adoption. In a fast-paced environment, it’s essential to embrace a ‘fail fast’ philosophy by adopting a ‘Shift Left’ approach. With a condensed testing timeframe, it becomes critical for the testing team to commence testing early and keep pace with other teams. Test automation also assumes a pivotal role in ensuring rapid testing execution and facilitating a continuous testing approach.

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Our approach emphasizes collaboration as a cornerstone. The QA function engages early in the project lifecycle, working closely with development and operations teams. We utilize a well-defined set of test processes, toolkits, and guidelines while adopting a 'shift-left' testing approach. We strike a balance between colocation and offshoring to maximize collaboration and cost-effectiveness. Our QA team actively participates in all Agile testing ceremonies, including daily stand-up meetings, leveraging various tools to enhance communication and transparency.

DevOps Automation


Our expertise and solutions cover end-to-end automation for testing and the application lifecycle, including:

  • Automation of unit testing, system testing, and acceptance testing
  • Regression test automation
  • Implementation of continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Deployment of continuous deployment and continuous monitoring
  • Utilization of service virtualization solutions


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TestingXperts Differentiators
  • State-of-the-Art Automation Framework: We offer the Tx-Automate, a cutting-edge automation framework recognized as best-in-industry. This framework ensures swift test automation deployment, streamlining your testing processes.
  • Expertise Across Leading Tools: We possess expertise in a range of industry-leading test automation tools, including UFT, Selenium, TestComplete, Coded UI, among others. Additionally, we are well-versed in Agile development tools like Rally and Scrumdo, as well as CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, TFS, Hudson, Go, and Bamboo. This extensive tool proficiency empowers end-to-end lifecycle automation.
  • Certified Automation Specialists: Our team includes certified automation experts with a deep understanding of advanced automation frameworks. They bring a wealth of experience to ensure the successful implementation of automation initiatives.
  • Standardized Processes and Resources: We offer standardized processes, templates, and toolkits tailored specifically for Agile and DevOps QA. These resources enable efficient and effective testing practices.
  • Global QA Team: TestingXperts boasts a global team of QA professionals, allowing us to scale up our capabilities both onsite and offshore. This flexibility ensures that we can meet the diverse needs of our clients effectively.

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