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IAC Consulting & Implementation Services

Cloud adoption has become widespread across organizations as a means to reduce the capital expenditures as they adopt IaaS, PaaS or SaaS models using various cloud providers. With the cloud infrastructure becoming ubiquitous, it is important the infrastructure should be consistent, repeatable, idempotent, versioned, easily created and easily taken down. These requirements can only be met by having textual i.e. in the form of code representation.

Infrastructure as Code (IAC) is core to DevOps principles and adopting IAC helps enterprises of all sizes to accelerate software delivery as it makes your system infrastructure consistent, repeatable and versioned.


There are two elements to our IAC consulting and implementation services:

IAC Consulting:

We offer our consulting services to review your current infrastructure provisioning and configuration and draw up a detailed plan to automate the provisioning and configuration of this infrastructure. These are the typical tasks that do we as part of this service:

    • Educating and evangelizing infrastructure as code
    • Evaluation of appropriate infrastructure as code tools
    • Architecture Assessment
    • Recommendations for logging, monitoring and tracing
    • Recommend best practices for virtualizing and dockerizing your infrastructure

Provisioning and Configuration Services:

Herein, we offer services to automate the configuration and provisioning of your public cloud infrastructure using tools like ansible, Cloud Formation, terraform, packer etc. These are the typical tasks that we do as part of this service:

    • Infrastructure provisioning using tools like Ansible, Terraform, CloudFormation and CLI tools.
    • Configuration of infrastructure using ansible, packer etc

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Benefits with IAC Implementation

    • Delivers faster infrastructure creation and tearing down with effective provisioning and automation in place
    • Ensures overall cost reduction
    • Ensures reduction of CAPEX and OPEX
    • Accelerates time-to-deliver from infrastructure perspective
    • Enables versioning control and thus closer monitoring of infrastructure
    • Faster fault restoration
    • Eliminates configuration drift from your deployments
    • Eliminates any snowflake environments

Why choose us?

    • Your IT becomes more agile and responsive
    • Helps you with quicker recovery from any eventual critical error or failures
    • Automates your entire IT operations to deliver faster releases and faster time-to-market
    • Ensures quicker ROI as software is rolled out faster
    • Disaster recovery becomes easy with better data management across the hybrid cloud environment

Connect with our IAC and DevOps experts today to get a complete understanding of IAC infrastructure implementation. Our DevOps experts will guide you through the entire process implementation

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