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AI Testing Services

As organizations strive to accelerate and optimize their software testing processes to deliver continuous releases of high-quality software, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions has introduced new complexities in testing. According to a research report, the AI market is projected to exceed US $100 billion in value by 2025.

AI-based system testing presents unique challenges due to the intricate nature of AI systems. Unlike traditional systems, AI testing involves assessing various input and output combinations, which aligns more with a non-deterministic approach. Furthermore, as the world increasingly embraces AI-powered smart applications, there is a growing demand for comprehensive end-to-end testing of AI systems to ensure their full functionality and high performance. Therefore, to ensure effective AI testing, TestingXperts, as a leading AI testing company, has developed a robust and comprehensive testing strategy tailored for AI systems.

Policy Administration- testing services
A/B testing

Classic AB Test, Split tests, and MVT to compare variations of features

Third-Party Administration
API testing

Understand API endpoints between UI, NLP, and data store

Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence
Non-functional testing

Non-functional requirements like performance, security, usability, and accessibility

Underwriting Modules
Input Data testing

Different kinds of input values to test expected and unexpected behavior

Risk Management
UX testing

Perform interoperability testing with multiple devices. Perform user experience and accessibility testing

Quality Kiosks
ML testing

Spoon-feed the AI with specific data to test the change in its behavior

Claims Management (Triage & Assignment)
Voice and NLP text testing

Provide user input in the form of voice or text. Verify its capabilities to process intent and respond with the appropriate utterances

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Tx-SmarTest – An AI-Enabled Comprehensive Platform

At TestingXperts, we've developed our in-house Tx-SmarTest platform, which is an AI-enabled comprehensive solution designed to streamline the software development process for faster releases, particularly in the context of DevOps CI/CD implementation. This platform plays a pivotal role in enhancing software quality throughout the production cycle, harnessing the power of AI, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, and Neural Network algorithms.

Exclusive AI Bots Testing Process by TestingXperts

We have a dedicated team of AI testers with specialized expertise in testing AI-based bots. While testing AI bots presents unique challenges, including domain-specific validations, uncertainties in user conversations, performance issues with interactions, potential security vulnerabilities, and the need to ensure a seamless multi-channel user experience, our team of AI testing experts is well-equipped to address these challenges effectively.

Our AI testing specialists perform a range of tests, including Voice and Natural Language Processing (NLP) text testing, API testing, UX testing, and database testing, to ensure that AI bots are fully functional and ready to operate independently by interacting effectively with users.

Our Approach for Testing AI Bots

Voice and NLP Text testing
API testing
UX testing
DB testing

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Business Benefits of Our AI Testing for Complex AI Applications

  • Accelerated Testing: Significantly reduces test execution time and quickly identifies potential defects, expediting the testing process.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Ensures the entire testing process becomes more efficient, saving time and resources.
  • Reduced Workload: Prevents QA teams from becoming overwhelmed when dealing with large volumes of data, making testing more manageable.
  • Rapid Test Results: Generates test results rapidly, enabling swift decision-making and problem resolution.
  • Automation of Repetitive Tasks: Serves as a smart assistant, automating numerous repetitive tasks efficiently.
  • Increased Testing Productivity: Provides powerful reports and metrics, offering real-time insights that enhance testing productivity.
  • Resource Allocation: Reduces the need for time-consuming manual testing, allowing teams to focus on more complex tasks and the development of innovative features.
  • Creative Freedom: Frees up human resources to engage in more creative testing work, driving innovation within the testing process.
Customer-wise Benefits

TestingXperts' Distinctive Advantages in AI Testing

  • Comprehensive Tool Expertise: We possess significant expertise in major tools specifically geared towards intelligent automated continuous testing. This expertise allows us to deliver cutting-edge AI testing solutions.
  • Extensive Experience: With over 30+ person-years of collective experience in utilizing various tools to provide intelligent automation solutions, our team is well-equipped to handle the complexities of AI testing.
  • CI/CD Pipeline Mastery: We have a wealth of experience in enabling Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines using industry-standard tools, leveraging our Tx-DevOps accelerator.
  • Dedicated Test Consultants: Our team comprises over 100 test consultants who specialize in next-generation testing tools, ensuring we have the necessary expertise to address evolving AI testing requirements.
  • Global Delivery Capabilities: With a global delivery team, we offer flexibility in project execution and availability, with a presence in the USA, UK, and India, ensuring efficient collaboration and service delivery.
  • AI Integration Expertise: We excel in harnessing AI for test automation using partner tools and our in-house accelerators, allowing us to deliver advanced AI testing solutions tailored to your specific needs.