Tx-SmarTest – An AI-enabled Comprehensive Platform to Boost Software Quality

Developed by combining AI, ML, NLP, and NN Algorithms

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Tx-SmarTest Is an AI-enabled comprehensive platform that systematically caters to faster releases enabled with DevOps CI/CD processes. It helps boost the software quality through production enabled by combining AI, ML, Deep Learning, and neural network algorithms. This unique component works with a proper flow. It helps to identify traces not currently being tested (edge test cases), document test cases to be automated.

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Features of Tx-SmarTest

  • comprehensive platform consisting of three major elements: Accelerator, Migrator, and Analyzer
  • An AI-enabled platform that systematically caters to faster results enabled along with DevOps CI/CD processes
  • Helps boost the software quality through production enabled by combining AI, ML, Deep Learning, and Neural Network Algorithms
  • Reusable artifacts can be used across enterprise-wide automation which also saves a lot of time
  • Integrated with DevOps CI/CD, Test & Defect Management Tools, and with UiPath Test Automation framework
  • Integrated with a synthetic test data creation module and is easy to maintain the test suites

Tx-SmarTest Components

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Tx-SmarTest Accelerator

This tool component helps to accelerate automation through code generation. It also helps with AI-enabled documentation and prioritizes user workflows and edge test cases. This unique component works with a proper flow. It helps to identify traces not currently being tested (edge test cases), document test cases to be automated, create an automation skeleton to jumpstart automation, increase test coverage, and reduce defect slippage.

Tx-SmarTest Accelerator addresses the following:

  • Expedites functional testing and increases test coverage by creating a few automated scenarios on the fly. The utility uses the Tx-capture component to monitor and capture tester activities while the testing process is on. It creates scripts of all activities conducted during functional testing that can be run as automation scripts during the next round of testing, eliminating manual testing wherever possible.

  • This component uses UiPath Task Mining components wherein business users use the applications in test/live and capture all activities/paths they use to skim through the applications. All the traces a user goes through are captured and sent to an integrated UiPath component, “AI Center,” wherein prebuilt ML algorithms are applied to find unique and less-used scenarios, which thus helps in better test coverage.

Tx-SmarTest Migrator

As the transition of test automation technologies is happening and organizations are looking to replace outdated automation tools, migrating existing test assets from old automation tools to new tools becomes an obvious need. This utility, Tx-SmarTest-Migrator, combines processes and technology components to migrate such old assets. This solution helps migrate scripts from Selenium/UFT to UiPath scripts and helps migrate other test assets to newer tools.

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Tx-SmarTest Migrator helps to:

  • Analyze - Automation evaluation, scope validation, migration complexity

  • Implement - Entity migration, script migration, and retains scripts and executes ‘AS IS’

  • Optimize - Optimizes reusable artifacts, reusable libraries, and frameworks

  • Up to 60% reduced manual efforts.

Tx-SmarTest Analyzer

This tool component of Tx-SmarTest addresses one of the business use cases that is the topmost priority of the current industry, i.e., intelligent regression test suite execution based on the changes in the code/functionality. This component leverages AI and ML algorithms to target only changed code selectively.


Tx-SmarTest Analyzer Helps to:

  • Scan through the application for changes in the underlying code and runs the appropriate tests only to validate the new or changed code

  • Collect information about which code is exercised by which tests and applies that information to all automated UI test cases

  • ML algorithms study and model the relationships between tests and the underlying code. The new model is then applied to perform test impact analysis on new or modified code to provide more intelligent and targeted test selection and execution

Benefits for Businesses Leveraging Tx-SmarTest

  • Quicker Error identification benefits

    • Analyses and finds system errors along with patterns of failure with intelligent bug tracking

    • Enables instant feedback, which helps to resolve issues at the earliest

  • Migration benefits

    • Helps with seamless migration of key assets and automation scripts

  • Cost benefits

    • Helps to save costs due to intelligent automation

    • Drastically reduces costs and improves software quality

    • Highly useful for UI regression testing, Visual UI testing, and GUI testing

    • Ensures faster decision-making with intuitive reports for all levels

  • Automation benefits

    • Accelerates automation through code generation

  • Test Scripts benefits

    • Helps discover impacts by using data from codebase & test assets

    • Ensures test script optimization for better results

    • Seamless migration of key assets and automation scripts

    • Reusable artifacts save a lot of time

    • Ensures script optimization for better results

    • Ensures greater code coverage and reduces test cycle time enormously

    • Improves the speed of test coverage

Streamline Your QA Processes and Boost Productivity with Tx-SmarTest - Our Integrated Framework

  • Tx-SmarTest framework offers a comprehensive and powerful platform designed to accelerate software development processes. With its unique combination of features including an Accelerator, Migrator, and Analyzer, this AI-enabled frameworkensures faster results and seamless integration with DevOps CI/CD practices. Tx-SmarTest’s reusable artifacts significantly save time and promote efficiency across enterprise-wide automation efforts. Embrace Tx-SmarTest framework to transform your software QA journey and achieve superior outcomes. Connect with our QA experts today.