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Usability Testing Services

Is your website leaving customers frustrated due to navigation challenges? Are they struggling to find what they need? Usability issues like these can lead to a drop in customer loyalty, sales, and even damage your brand reputation.

As a usability testing company, we specialize in comprehensive website usability testing services to ensure that your customers can seamlessly achieve their goals on your application. We understand the importance of having software that is intuitive, easy to learn, and aligns with customer expectations. Through rigorous usability testing, we identify and address these issues prior to application release, providing a smooth and intuitive user experience.

TestingXperts’ Usability Testing Services cover a comprehensive range of activities to ensure your application’s user experience is top-notch. Our team of usability experts formulates a test strategy tailored to your application, considering factors such as user types, demographics, and key business scenarios. We carefully select appropriate users, create survey questions, and guide users through the survey process. Real-time monitoring of user behavior and actions is conducted, accompanied by interviews to gain deeper insights into the application’s navigation and functionality. This approach allows us to identify and address usability issues effectively.

At TestingXperts, we deliver a comprehensive Usability analysis report encompassing the following key parameters:

    • Average Application Usability Rating
    • Usability Ratings of different countries
    • Detailed comments provided by individual users
    • Average Application Usability Rating Graph
    • Identification of areas which are easy to access & areas where improvement is required
    • Post-Task Average response given by users

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Usability Testing Approach

usability testing Approach


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Tx Differentiators

    • A pool of Usability testing experts to guide you on the strategy.
    • Helping you to come up with a list of sample users based on application characteristics,business objectives and user demographics.
    • Ability to get the users onboard through the wide user community.
    • Ability to quickly ramp up / ramp down.
    • Comprehensive usability reports along with detailed recommendations for improvement.