TestingXperts is a Silver Katalon Solutions Partner. Katalon is an AI software quality platform that lets teams test web, mobile, desktop apps and APIs to deliver winning digital products and experiences.



UiPath is the fastest-growing enterprise software company in history. Leader in every Gartner Magic Quadrant, Forrester Wave, and Everest Peak Matrix for RPA. UiPath delivers the most advanced Enterprise RPA Platform, built for business and IT. As you strive to benefit in the Automation First Era, your digital transformation accelerates with UiPath. 7,000+ enterprise customers and a valuation of $10.2 billion. UiPath Test Suite answers your needs for scalable enterprise-wide automation. Be it testing software applications or testing RPA workflows, UiPath Test Suite makes every robot and application strong and resilient.

Tricentis TestingXperts


With the industry’s #1 Continuous Testing platform, Tricentis is recognized for reinventing software testing for DevOps. Through agile test management and advanced test automation optimized to support over 150+ technologies, we provide automated insight into the business risks of your software releases—transforming testing from a roadblock to a catalyst for innovation.

ACCELQ TestingXperts partner


ACCELQ is the only cloud-based continuous testing platform that seamlessly automates API and web testing without writing a single line of code. Automation is integrated with manual testing process under one umbrella, making it possible for Agile teams to manage QA lifecycle effectively. IT teams of all sizes use ACCELQ to accelerate their testing by adapting lifecycle automation approach that spans test design, planning, test generation and execution. ACCELQ customers typically save over 70% of the cost involved in the change & maintenance efforts in testing, addressing one of the major pain points in the industry. ACCELQ makes this possible with an AI & ML powered core.

Sofy testingxperts


Sofy is the No. 1 AI-powered no-code quality automation platform. Sofy offers an ultra-fast no-code mobile QA platform and enable the customers to release apps in hours instead of days by augmenting testers with automation capabilities.

eggplant TestingXperts partner


EggPlant, a suite of easy-to-use software test automation tools that help organisations deliver high quality enterprise and mobile applications quickly and consistently in Agile and DevOps environments. eggPlant’s patented, image-based approach to functional testing allows customers to test applications non-intrusively and from a true user perspective, while its powerful performance testing and network emulation products easily test applications under a range of conditions. EggPlant products are used by enterprise customers globally across sectors that include financial services, retail, automotive, healthcare, telecoms, and defense and aerospace.


Query Surge

QuerySurge is the leading Data Testing solution built specifically to automate the testing of Data Warehouses & Big Data. QuerySurge makes it really easy for both novices and experienced team members to validate their organization’s data quickly, analyzing and pinpointing data differences while providing both real-time and historical views of your data’s health.



Panaya is a leader in ERP change analytics and cloud-based software testing with its flagship products like CloudQuality Suite and Panaya Test Center. The Panaya Test Center is a cloud-based test management solution for business-critical applications which does not require any software or hardware installation. The Panaya CloudQuality Suite™ analyzes the impact of change on an organization’s ERP systems and recognizes points of failure, ways to fix them, and what to test before any organization embarks on its change program.



SmartBear tools ensure excellent quality and performance of APIs, desktop, mobile, web and cloud-based apps. Over 3 million software professionals and 25,000 organizations across 194 countries use SmartBear tools regularly.


Perfecto Mobile

Perfecto Mobile provide remote access and automated testing solutions for mobile devices. Perfecto Mobile’s Handset Cloud service enables developers and testers located anywhere in the world to access, via the Internet, a comprehensive range of the latest mobile handsets. Users can use the Perfecto Mobile handsets to develop, test, deploy and monitor their mobile applications and services.


Microsoft Partner

TestingXperts is a Microsoft Certified Partner and hold competencies in Application Development, Application Lifecycle Management, Collaboration and Content, Mobility, Application Integration and Business Intelligence.



DatProf is the fastest-growing Test Data Management services provider and aims to make test data compliant with data protection regulations and helps to simplify test data in every way. It makes its way in helping software teams to ship their software faster with better quality. DatProf is best used for data masking, subsetting, test data automation, discovery and delivers test data whenever and wherever testers and developers want.



Veracode is the leading AppSec partner for creating secure software, reducing the risk of security breaches, and increasing the security and development team’s productivity. With its combination of process automation, integrations, speed, and responsiveness, Veracode helps companies get accurate and reliable results to focus their efforts on fixing and not just finding potential vulnerabilities.



BrowserStack is the world’s leading software testing platform powering over two million tests every day across 15 global data centers. This platform provides instant access to 3,000+ real mobile devices and browsers on a highly reliable cloud infrastructure that effortlessly scales as testing needs grow. With BrowserStack, Dev and QA teams can move fast while delivering a fantastic experience for every customer.



Botium is the industry’s leading test automation tool provider for chatbots and virtual assistants. It ensures your conversational AI works flawlessly in every situation. It offers the world’s most flexible continuous testing framework, supporting 35+ different Chatbot technologies to deliver a flawless digital experience to users. It is the one-stop solution for testing your conversational AI.



Parasoft is a pioneering Automated Software Testing Company and has been the driving force behind innovative automated software testing tools. Parasoft provides automated testing solutions for modern environments. Its automated software testing tools seamlessly integrate into your existing CI/CD pipeline and Agile DevOps workflows to improve your software quality.