Future-Proof Your Applications with Tx-PEARS: Deliver Scalability, Security, and Accessibility in One Framework!

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Today’s digital businesses demand scalable and robust applications to ensure availability, revenue, reputation, and customer loyalty, enabling a great customer experience (CX). Businesses need effective testing methods to ensure faster testing outcomes with quality releases to stay ahead in the marketplace. For enabling faster releases, TestingXperts Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) has developed Tx-PEARS, A holistic framework for enabling non-functional testing requirements quickly and effectively in one go.

Tx-PEARS stands for Performance Engineering, Accessibility, Resilience, & Security Delivers innovative services in managing Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) that help customers drive better value for their businesses with scalable and robust solutions enabling great CX.

Tx-PEARS is an umbrella framework with accelerators such as Tx-Perfkit, Tx-Secure, Tx-DevSecOps, Tx-SRE, and Tx-AccessAll to enable enterprise digital applications with scalable & robust performance & security, secure their DevOps code, ensure effective fault tolerance, along with seamless accessibility (equal access to all people).

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Tx-PEARS Framework

tx access
tx sre

Framework Features

    • A technology-neutral and tool-agnostic framework catering to the non-functional testing services with innovative accelerators embedded
    • Single point for NFR services with a laser focus on performance engineering and site reliability engineering
    • An effective accessibility testing framework (Tx-Access All) embedded within the framework ensures seamless accessibility testing processes to deliver seamless apps accessible to all, including people with specific disabilities
    • First-in-the industry to have comprehensive Resilience Engineering services
    • A unique Security testing accelerator (Tx-Secure) embedded within the framework helps jumpstart security testing engagement with a 20-25% time savings
    • Proven process and framework with >99% success rate
    • Self-service Resilience validation platform

Benefits to Businesses Leveraging Tx-PEARS

    • 80-90% time saved during the planning phase as ready-to-use accelerators embedded in Tx-PEARS framework helps to jumpstart testing engagements
    • Proactively addresses application NFRS and covers both application and infrastructure stack
    • Less code to develop and maintain as accelerators have all the required features for ensuring quicker testing outcomes
    • Helps to analyze application architecture and design to identify potential fault areas and recommend the right design patterns (e.g., circuit breakers, bulkheads, etc.)
    • Executes resilience validations to understand application and infrastructure resilience
    • Ensures business continuity even during sub-system/component failures
    • Analyzes monitoring and operational processes and suggest modifications to improve resilience (build self-detecting and self-healing capabilities)
    • Provides scalability and resiliency to applications deployed on the cloud and on-premise
    • Provides Application Performance Capacity Management and Production Stability Improvement services in one go
    • Ensures equal access to apps to all people, including people with disabilities like color blindness, moto impairment, mobility impairment, etc.
    • Helps integrate security checks in the entire DevOps pipeline and continuously identify and highlight any security vulnerabilities with each code build
    • Helps to build quality gates from an NFT perspective
    • Helps in enabling an application to be fault-tolerant, reduce latency, and make it load tolerant
    • Save around 55% on Total cost of ownership (TCOE)

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Tx-PEARS Embedded Accelerators Overview


    • Performance testing framework (Tx-Perfkit) that can be deployed on cloud or on-premise infrastructure to generate load on the Application Under Test (AUT)
    • Helps monitor the application infrastructure in one go and is used to load test web apps, mobile apps, blockchain, and lot applications.
    • Can be easily integrated with DevOps CI/CD pipeline for continuous performance testing


    • A unique security testing accelerator (Tx-Secure) with a specific set of processes and guidelines with a combination of tools and checklists
    • Helps to perform Red team, blue team, and purple team testing methods
    • Helps to test applications across web apps, mobile apps, Blockchain, IoT, Network, Infra security, etc.
    • Has conformance with International standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, OSSTMM, OWASP, and others


    • A unique and dynamic DevOps security accelerator (Tx-DevSecOps) offering a framework for continuous security testing and vulnerability management
    • Enables digital businesses to optimize their application's security within the existing DevOps CI/CD pipeline and ensures safer code deployment
    • Seamlessly embeds security checks within the existing DevOps environment to track and remove modern threats and helps to deliver secure software
    • Tool Agnostic Framework supporting the Continuous Integration DevOps Pipeline
    • Helps businesses with end-to-end code security such that attackers cannot get access to the source code
    • Helps deliver secure code adopting the shift-left approach to security testing
    • Helps to manage the Vulnerability life cycle efficiently


    • Site Reliability Engineering accelerator helps anticipate production issues of NFR of an application and proactively suggests measures to counter such issues
    • Helps to perform quicker root cause analysis for production incidents by setting up precise monitoring tools and processes
    • Helps to perform failover testing and chaos engineering to ensure the reliability of your apps
    • Delivers faster feedback loops to development teams for continuous performance improvement and reduction of production tickets
    • Delivers performance prediction and capacity forecasting for application in production
tx-access all


    • Accessibility testing accelerator (Tx-AccessAll) ensures apps comply with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and makes apps accessible to all, including people with disabilities such as color blindness, moto impairment, impaired vision, etc.
    • Helps to test with industry-leading automation testing tools to deliver seamless apps accessible to all people
    • Provides detailed custom reports to help stakeholders make informed decisions