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The Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled enterprises to build smart and connected applications to support multiple dimensions of customer service and engagement.

According to recent reports, the number of connected “Internet of Things” is expected to reach 55 billion by 2025. The IoT Testing market was valued at USD 665.47 million in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 3212.10 million by 2025, at a CAGR of 30% over the forecast period 2020 – 2025.

Owing to these developments in IoT, smart and connected solutions will enable enterprises to monitor client’s real-world experiences through software and provide services across the complete range of business and consumer scenarios.


IoT Applications Enable Real-Time Reporting to Make Informed Decisions

  • With sensors installed all over, the world is turning out to be progressively connected. With sensors progressively connecting all physical devices and applications, there is an increased need to revamp the traditional testing approach. The IoT is about reporting real-time data, permitting users to make quick, and informed decisions.
  • To ensure that your apps and devices stand up to the real-time scenarios, it is important to move part of your testing into the real world with poor connectivity and less than normal conditions established. This will ensure the level of quality regardless of what they are put through.
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Across enterprises of all sizes, IoT have fueled growth in business operations and customer services. In coming years, Companies can entirely run their businesses through algorithms and automation, such as making self-driving cars safer, helping protect digital identities and even track billions of devices on Internet of Things (IoT).

Use of IoT across Various Industries:

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IoT testing involves the end-to-end testing of the IoT ecosystem and it ensures the importance of multistage validation. It is essential to test the combination of these IoT devices, phones and apps. This testing process specifically requires real-world IoT testing that is critical for any connected products success.

With today’s enterprises increasing need to deliver faster and quicker smart products across business verticals, these IoT devices have a huge demand to access, create and share data from one device to another. This necessitates the proper transfer of information between IoT devices to deliver great customer experience and ease of usage of information which demands that these devices should be tested with different IoT testing approaches to ensure they deliver seamless performance. With the variety of platforms, devices and networks, there is significant expertise required for IoT Testing Services.

TestingXperts provides end-to-end IoT testing services, including Device Interoperability, Performance, Security, API, User Experience, End-to-End functional testing and test automation across different devices, models, networks, operating systems, browsers, and locations.


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Challenges in Testing IoT-Based Applications:

With the unique characteristics of IoT applications, multiple challenges are involved with their validation, some of main challenges are listed here:

  • Security and data privacy:

    Impending security vulnerabilities across various layers of IoT system

  • Real-time complexities:

    IoT applications can have various, real-time scenarios and its use cases are complex

  • Dynamic environment:

    With millions of sensors and devices in combination with intelligent software, IoT has a dynamic environment, unlike application testing that is performed in a defined environment.

  • Expertise to automate:

    Due to numerous scenarios and dependency on sensors and devices, automation has become a challenging process

  • Scalability of the system:

    Building a test environment to measure functionality along with scalability and consistency is challenging


TestingXperts Differentiators:

  • Comprehensive QA strategy:

    TestingXperts’ comprehensive QA strategy can handle the unique requirements and challenges associated with validating IoT set-up, Test Execution and Result Verification as well as methodology to conduct standard and specialized testing of your IoT applications

  • Robust Testing Solution:

    Our test solution includes a combination of tests including IoT test automation tools, frameworks, and devices. Our extensive test framework provides capabilities required to perform load simulation, security verification, and functional validation. Furthermore, our in-house test automation solution ‘Tx-Automate’ is combined with simulators and can enable end to end rigorous automation

  • Domain Experience:

    TestingXperts’ QA engineers have worked on business processes in various domains of IoT applications that most development teams lack. Global team of QA professionals with a capability to scale up at both onsite and offshore

  • Improved Time-to-market:

    We leverage our ready-to-deploy test automation framework, Tx-Automate to achieve a minimum of 20% improved time-to-market

  • Realtime Reporting & Insight Utilization:

    Enables instant feedback which helps to resolve issues at the earliest. We use extensive reports, metrics and insights that help in making better decisions for release.