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Quality Engineering for Quick Service Restaurants

The ever-changing food and beverage (F&B) consumer behavior and increasing expectations have prompted QSR industry to transform rapidly and revisit its products and service portfolios. The F&B business sector also grapples with challenges such as managing perishable products, maintaining cold storage, proper supply chain scheduling, etc.

Mainly the Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) need to focus on the ever-changing customer needs and get ahead with not just mobile apps also add applications, websites enabling a great CX. Today’s customers prefer to order more from mobile apps out of the convenience it offers to them. The Restaurant Readiness Index states that ordering via QSR apps is the most favorable method for placing an order, thus receiving a 92% satisfaction rate from customers.

TestingXperts has been serving this industry’s customers with next-gen QA services leveraging AI, ML, and RPA-based testing services to deliver high-quality solutions with an improved CX.

Delivered Business ROI

Our Omnichannel Testing Expertise in Food & Beverage Industry

Restaurant Management Software

  • Food ordering software
  • Online restaurant POS
  • Online grocery store
  • Food Traceability solutions
  • Smart Terminals

Food delivery & distribution solutions

  • Food & beverage logistics solutions
  • Region-based testing
  • Food & beverage ERP solutions
  • Beverages maintenance solutions

Finance & Inventory Management

  • Sales and procurement management
  • Packaged food supply chain portal management
  • Payment testing
  • RFID tags for food products

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Benefits of Using our Digital Assurance Services

  • Improves F&B business application quality
  • Modernize your legacy apps
  • Increases product efficiency with improved product quality
  • Reduces inventory loss
  • Improves brand value
  • Improves customer experience (CX)
  • Reduces risk with end-to-end testing of the products
  • Delivers business value with a quicker ROI
AI solutions for QSR

Why Choose TestingXperts?

QSR testing solutions
  • Various domain QA technology experts across the domain
  • In-house accelerators and ready-to-use templates & checklists to jumpstart testing with Tx-TestMethods, Tx-ReuseKit, Tx-IaCT, and more
  • In-house AI accelerators (Tx-SmarTest) and RPA frameworks (Tx-UiPath Robot-led framework), Tx-Automate deliver faster testing outcomes and reduce regression time significantly
  • Comprehensive project governance
  • Tool partnerships with leading vendors like UiPath Test Suite, Tricentis,, and more
  • One-stop QA Academy for seamless training for the employees
  • 24×7 seamless customer support with cost-effective services

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