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DevOps Accelerator Tx-DevOps

With the world moving towards digital transformation, competition among enterprises is rising for delivering high-quality and seamless digital products for improving customer experience (CX). Enterprises are adopting the latest agile & DevOps methodologies to stay ahead of the competition with superior digital products. DevOps practice fosters increased collaboration between Dev & Ops teams and ensures continuous feedback from the stakeholders.

DevOps processes also ensure faster releases achieved with Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) enabled with well-implemented CI/CD pipelines. Evidently, though DevOps processes ensure the faster release of features and reduced time-to-market, today’s enterprises need some viable DevOps accelerators to ensure faster processes to be in place. Tx-DevOps is a unique and intuitive DevOps accelerator for enterprises to get high-quality solutions with reduced time-to-market and be assured of quicker ROI.

Tx-DevOps is a powerful DevOps accelerator developed by TestingXperts Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) for digital enterprises. Tx-DevOps accelerator encapsulates DevOps Consulting, IaC Consulting & Implementation, CI/CD Implementation, along with Test Automation and leverages the latest automation tools and technologies to ensure seamless DevOps implementations.


DevOps Consulting

An effective assessment of the client’s current landscape is done with Tx-DevOps. Our DevOps experts team leverages this accelerator to adjudge client’s DevOps maturity levels and recommend tools and other frameworks for ensuring seamless DevOps implementations.

IaC Consulting & Implementation

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) automation is used for provisioning, configuration, and deployments with a specific set of tools and processes to ensure easy implementation. Our DevOps teams provide effective IaC consulting leveraging in-house accelerator Tx-DevOps.

CI/CD Implementation

With the Tx-DevOps tool in place, it becomes easy to identify the right tools and technologies and helps to create effective CI/CD pipelines for enterprises. Seamless CI/CD implementations ensure the faster release of features and reduced time-to-market.

Test Automation

Tx-DevOps tool can be leveraged to enable an effective automation framework and test script creations to implement continuous testing. This accelerator ensures faster release of features with continuous testing and helps to go early-to-market with high-quality solutions.

TestingXperts DevOps practice caters to AWS, Azure, and on-premise (non-cloud) environment implementations enabled by a team of experienced DevOps experts using the agile scrum model. Our DevOps teams have hands-on experience with:

  • CI/CD implementation
  • Static code analysis & monitoring
  • Version control provisioning
  • AWS and Azure cloud services enablement
  • Virtual private network configuration
  • Release management
  • Test automation with the latest tools

Tools & Technologies

Cloud Platforms
Containerization Management
Containerization Management
Configuration & Infrastructure Management
Configuration & Infrastructure Management
Source Control
Source Control - DevOps logos
Code Build
Tx Devops tools and technologies
Security Tx Devops tools
Test Automation
Test Automation DevOps tools


  • Businesses can jumpstart on their DevOps initiatives quickly with Tx-DevOps
  • Ensures faster releases and high-quality releases in much lesser time by leveraging Tx-DevOps
  • A 25-30% time is saved with Tx-DevOps as it becomes easier to take up processes with clear visibility of the entire DevOps project lifecycle
  • Effective DevOps practices in places with Tx-DevOps improves the code quality and delivery speed
  • Effective CI/CD implementation ensures faster release of features and reduced time-to-market
  • Delivers comprehensive metrics and enhances code security
  • Ensures better DevOps processes to be in place within the organization with the minimal human effort