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Data Migration Testing Services

Development of a Data Warehouse is a major task expected to yield major business benefits regarding the justification of the cost and efforts. However, many ETL projects fail to achieve the required benefits due to improper quality assurance strategy. ETL or Data Migration Testing should ensure the data migrated from heterogeneous sources to the data warehouse occurs with no loss of information/ data, with strict adherence to transfer rules, in compliance with validity checks. ETL Testing should be able to detect early on any problems with the source data if done effectively; any other inconsistencies or ambiguities required to guide data transformation and integration should also be detected during the early stages of ETL Testing. ETL testing should be continuous to ensure the extraction, transformation, and load processes are working as planned and the result is consistent, accurate, and complete. We are the leading Data Migration testing company offering quality testing services to our clients.


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TestingXperts Differentiators

  • Extensive experience with end to end data migration validation projects.
  • Customized approach to ensure data quality at various phases of the ETL process.
  • Partnership with QuerySurge for automation of ETL verification process.
  • Highly skilled professionals in DW/BI for designing test strategy and project execution.
  • Cost-effective and flexible solution for your DW ETL testing needs.


QuerySurge Partnership


We are certified partners of QuerySurge, a collaborative Data Testing solution that helps to find bad data and provides a holistic view of your data’s health. These are some advantages we bring to engagements with QuerySurge:

  • Compare data from source files & data stores with the target Data Warehouse.
  • QuerySurge automates the Data Warehouse and ETL.
  • Improves Data Quality.
  • Integration for Continuous Delivery (CD).
  • It allows us to Create Test QueryPairs fast & easily without writing any SQL.
  • Create reusable snippets in our Design Library.
  • Schedule the tests to run at the following:
    • Immediately,
    • Any time or any date,
    • Automatically post the end of an event
  • Reporting via auto-email.