Why Tx

Why Tx

TestingXperts is a Next Gen QA and Software testing company. With a large portfolio of services we provide, we assure you of quality and timely engagements. TestingXperts provide the following benefits to its customers across the globe:


Niche and Specialist QA & DevOps Testing Company

With decades of experience in the field, TestingXperts brings quality services to the table

    • Pure Play QE with focus on industry best practices
    • Niche player in establishing competitive standards in different areas of testing
    • Recognized by Global research and analysts as Leader/Major Contender

Cost Reduction

Best-in-class cost for all the testing services

    • Offshoring
    • Resource optimization
    • Tools & Automation
    • Cost effective solutioning and focus towards RoI

Customer Centric

Customized solution as per customer needs

    • Helped organizations transform their traditional QA practices to DevOps/ SRE
    • Big-Small company with focus on customer needs
    • ‘Go extra mile’ approach

Agility & Flexibility

Processes that are flexible and easy to adopt for customers

    • Focus on customer specific goals & objectives
    • Ability to meet deadlines with ability to Ramp up/ Ramp down quickly
    • Flexible engagement models tailored as per client needs

Innovation & Continuous Research

Utilization of innovative techniques to optimize and strengthen testing

    • TestingXperts’ in-house tools & Service platforms serves as a key differentiators
    • Dedicated research team for continuous analysis and development based on Technology, tools, Processes & methodologies

Faster Time to Market

Planned and flexible approach for every engagement to match the customers’ requirement

    • On time Delivery
    • Reduction in testing cycle
    • Reusability & Automation

Last, but not the least, what do our customers say? Our current NPS Score of 67 showcase our passion towards work