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Security Testing Accelerator Tx-Secure

Businesses across industry domains continue to face rampant cyber attacks, and today cyber-security has essentially become a boardroom discussion for CIOs. Cyber-threats have grown so large that their consequences significantly influence the business's bottom line. Evidently, businesses need effective security testing practices and core security testing accelerators to overcome these cyber threats and vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently.

Tx-Secure is a unique security testing accelerator developed by TestingXperts Test Center of Excellence (TCoE). It has a specific set of processes and guidelines with a combination of tools and checklists. This accelerator enables the security testing process to be quicker, seamless and ensures significant results. This framework can be used seamlessly to test applications across Blockchain, IoT, Network, Infra security, etc.

Tx has its security testing labs, which are best used to conduct security testing activities for all applications, including Blockchain, IoT, Network infrastructure, etc. Tx also enables the establishment of secured security testing labs based on the customer's needs. All our security testing services have conformance with International standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, OSSTMM, OWASP, and others.


Project Templates
Core Artifacts
Standard Templates across the project lifecycle
  • Effort estimation template
  • Pre-requisite template
  • VAPT report template
  • Secure code review report
  • Security testing sign off report
Formatted Questionnaires to start any project engagement
  • Security testing questionnaire
Standardized Checklists for various project stages
  • Web Application security testing checklist
  • API security testing checklist
  • Mobile app security testing checklist
  • Network/Infra security testing checklist
  • Secure code review checklist

Security Testing Services

  • Cybersecurity Compliance Consulting Security Testing Services

    Cybersecurity Compliance Consulting Services

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services

    Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) Services

  • Social Engineering Security Testing Services

    Dynamic Analysis Security Testing (DAST) Services

  • Static-Code-Analysis Security testing services

    Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST) Services

  • security testing services and analysis

    Red Team Assessment Services

  • Cyber Hygiene Assessment

    Cyber Hygiene Assessment Services

  • Phishing Detection and Response Management

    Phishing Detection and Response Management

  • Establish Secured Offshore Testing Lab services

    Managed Security Testing Services

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Security Testing Tools

Security testing tools Tx Secure


  • Fastens the security testing process as we can jumpstart our engagement quickly
  • Ensures faster overall security testing as all processes are well-defined
  • Delivers superior testing results as standard industry best processes are followed
  • A 20-25% time saving is achieved with well-defined templates in place
  • QA testing costs can be reduced by 15-20% by leveraging Tx-Secure
  • Ensures systems protection from any possible threats and vulnerabilities
  • Provides quicker ROI to businesses

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