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DevOps Consulting Service

Across industry domains, businesses continue to face technology disruptions and need to embrace the new trends of Agile & DevOps methodologies to achieve quality releases and go to market faster. DevOps as a service offering brings in better collaboration between the developers, quality analysts and IT operations teams, delivers quicker feedback loop achieved with continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipeline. Besides, it brings in improved software quality with faster & quality releases along with reduced project costs.

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What Does Our DevOps Consulting Services Revolve Around?

Our DevOps practices includes an effective methodology with an integrated approach that consists of action based forward and backward traceability of debugging, delivery management, provisioning of resources, automation tools integration which essentially requires the support of our industry leading DevOps engineers and DevOps experts.

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An Overview of Our DevOps Consulting Services: (People, Process, Tools & Technologies)

    • Assess an organization’s existing environment utilizing proprietary Tx assessment model.
    • Understand the existing solution and technical architecture
    • Establish appropriate metrics to track in DevOps e.g. ROI, Dev Metrics
    • Assess current organization’s structure and processes
    • Analyze current automation in place
    • Identify areas of collaboration and sharing
    • Identify areas of improvement
    • Prepare DevOps roadmap and plan
    • Design the to-be model for DevOps implementation
    • Create a comprehensive step-wise plan for implementing DevOps in customer IT environment
    • Design a way to integrate infrastructure automation with CI/CD tools
    • Build a solution for application monitoring
    • Deliver comprehensive reporting and dashboarding

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Benefits with Our DevOps Consulting Services

    • Helps to implement optimized software development processes to optimize your application delivery
    • Ensures teams to develop better and quality software with assured faster releases
    • Deliver improved code with better team collaboration which leads to faster time-to-production
    • Ensures code quality assessment along with code security
    • Delivers a pragmatic approach to your DevOps adoption
    • Improved business bottom line with well-defined automation in place
    • Cost optimization with reduced operational costs
    • Brings you best practices from the industry practices for successful DevOps implementations

What makes our DevOps Consulting Services Unique?

    • Deep understanding of interplay of people, process and technology for a tailored DevOps Implementation.
    • A wide awareness of typical tools involved in DevOps toolchain ensures optimal selection of tools for your pipeline.
    • Experienced Consultants with deep technology and leadership skills.

Reach out to our DevOps Consulting experts today to make the development-testing-release cycles happen quickly with cost effectiveness and deliver quicker time-to-market.


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