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Retail Software Testing

The retail sector has experienced an intense transformation lately, owing to the changing user behavior making it significant for retailers to embrace modernization in technology. This revolution has changed the way IT applications and technology for retail industry are perceived, developed, supported, and run. Software Quality has become an indispensable element for a retailer’s success.

TestingXperts has been assisting retailers in assuring quality across their enterprise applications, by leveraging their intelligent Test Automation framework ‘Tx-Automate’. Tx-Automate helps in providing agility to the software development process while minimizing the costs and risks. TestingXperts’ sophisticated practices are appropriate for testing services across the length and breadth of the retail industry. Our value-added services are based on customer’s business and their requirements while dedicated and flexible teams with all resources ready to implement any process best suitable for testing requirements. We strive to provide the best retail software testing solutions with the corroborated capability to maximize time and cost benefits for clients.

Specialists at TestingXperts are well aware of needs of various companies in the retail industry. Our testing services cover the entire retail IT spectrum and provide the appropriate test management approach for the enterprise, warehouse, logistics and in-store solutions.

Retail & eCommerce Experience



  • Point of sale


  • Hardware Devices (Scanners, scales)

  • CRM

  • Service Management (IoT/Sensors)

  • In-store productivity


Warehouse Management

  • Distribution & Fulfilment

  • Warehouse Automation

  • Inventory Management

  • Replenishment

  • Allocation

  • IoT/Sensors


Enterprise Management

  • Merchandising

  • Inventory

  • Loss Prevention

  • Analytics

  • Accounting Integration


Omni Channel

  • Cross-channel integration

  • Ecommerce Replatforming

  • Digital marketing

  • Loyalty & CRM

  • Digital commerce optimization

  • Mobile

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Why Choose TestingXperts?

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  • Flexible approach with a clear focus on maximizing client revenue growth.
  • Cost-effective testing solutions with up to 80% saving on your QA costs.
  • Amalgamation of commercial and open-source tools allow greater compatibility of retail software testing framework.
  • Skilled team with proficiency in latest technology and tools.
  • Extensive domain knowledge and cognizance of retail business requirements.

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