Tx-ReuseKit-An Efficacious Ready-to-Use Software Testing Accelerator for Digital Enterprises

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Software Testing Accelerator Tx-ReuseKit

Tx-ReuseKit is a robust and effective in-house accelerator for software testing processes developed by TestingXperts (Tx) Test Center of Excellence (TCoE). It can be reused as an effective project accelerator from project to project. This accelerator ensures to jumpstart new assignments quickly with the testing frameworks and tools ready to go, which need not be created new each time a project starts. As a result, this accelerator significantly saves time, resources, and a lot of effort for enterprises


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    Standard Templates

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  • re-usable

    Business Process Documents (Re-usable)

Standard Templates:

Tx-ReuseKit has standard templates for various test processes, including; test strategy, effort estimation, test results report, process change, ISO frameworks, etc. This accelerator’s ready-to-use templates help save time and chargeable effort when specifying, managing, and reporting on software projects.



There are many checklists embedded in this accelerator to help enterprises jumpstart on their software testing projects to ensure effective results.

Some of the checklists include:
  • Application testing checklist
  • Environment testing checklist
  • Quality assurance checklist
  • Master test plan checklist
  • Smoke test checklist
  • Test Plan checklist
  • Unit and Integration Plan checklist
  • Test strategy checklist
In addition to the above checklists, some of the other checklists include:
  • Mobile testing-Ready to use checklists for testing both iOS and Android apps
  • Security testing – checklist templates that follow OWASP 10 guidelines
  • Performance testing- Checklists consists of reports about response times, break-point, peak load, memory leaks, resource utilization, uptime, etc
  • Accessibility Testing- follows W3Cs i.e. WCAG 2.1, WCAG 2.2, Stanca Act, and other accessibility guidelines
  • Next-gen testing with RPA, AI, and ML, and IoT—Ready to use checklists with ready-to-use use cases across industries

Business Process Documents (Re-usable)

Tx-Reusekit has about 4000+ re-usable test cases covering across domains like eCommerce, Retail, BFS, Insurance, Telecom, etc.

testing- support
  • Test Policy
  • Test Strategy
  • Business Requirements Specifications
  • Software Requirements Specification
  • System Test Plan
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix
  • Test Defect Report
  • Test Summary Report


  • Digital enterprises can jumpstart on their software testing projects
  • Businesses can save time and effort significantly
  • This accelerator helps to save up to 30% efforts on projects
  • Re-usable assets reduce re-work and serve as a starting point for new work
  • Ensures more project consistency & clarity by enabling more customer satisfaction