Tx-TestMethods Accelerator

The software testing process forms an integral part of the software development lifecycle and ensures high-quality products. Today, enterprises need faster releases and shorter time-to-market of their digital products to upbeat the competition. Therefore, new methods of software testing leveraging automation and testing accelerators have become the need for today’s digital enterprises to achieve high quality.

Tx-TestMethods, an effective accelerator, denotes a robust test methodology developed by TestingXperts (Tx) Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) that caters to traditional and agile lifecycle-based projects. Each project executed at Tx undergoes process tailoring depending on the project needs and objectives. In addition, projects are subjected to systematic processes and other compliance checks to ensure process implementation is effective and yields the desired results. Typically, this Tx accelerator supports functional and non-functional testing types and delivers seamless results and significant cost savings.


Tx-TestMethods incorporates best practices from Testing Maturity Model Integrated (TMMi), Test Process Improvement Next (TPI Next), Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMi). Innovatively, this accelerator’s methodology encompasses processes, checklists, templates, and guidelines to be followed at every stage of a software project’s test life cycle.


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At a high level, Tx-TestMethods defines processes for all the areas of a project’s testing assessment.

Tx TestMethods Process

Test Life Cycle

Broadly, Tx-TestMethods test life cycle can be segregated into two categories:
1. Test Management
2. Test Engineering

While the test management aspect focuses on initiating, planning, monitoring, and formally closing the test event, test engineering looks into applying various techniques and practices to author and execute the tests efficiently. Building test assets such as test accelerators, reusable components, frameworks, methods, etc., enhance the quality of testing performed and aids in meeting the desired objectives.

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TestingXperts teams have executed over 500 projects by customizing Tx-TestMethods to integrate with various development methodologies, which significantly helped save time and costs across projects. The major benefits are:

  • Ensures near zero defects in production
  • Increases test execution and test authoring productivity
  • Improves overall IT life cycle management
  • Improves test effectiveness and efficiency
  • Ensures test uniformity in a multi-product context
  • Follows a metrics-driven approach to testing (Test Coverage and Defect Severity Index) and delivers effective results
  • Businesses can get up to 25-30% time and cost savings leveraging this accelerator